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Rosie is excited to announce that we now offer AppCard Loyalty discounts at select stores online. AppCard offers personalized coupons specifically tailored to meet your needs. Signing up for AppCard is as easy as entering your phone number. 


Signing up for AppCard

1. Login using your Rosie ID and password on our App or

2. Once you have successfully logged in on the Homepage, hover over the three horizontal lines menu with your account name and click "Rewards". 



3. A new screen will pop up that will prompt you to either add a rewards card or to sign up. Click "Sign up" to begin. 



4. A pop up will appear asking for your phone number and whether you prefer a call or text message to receive your verification code, which you will need to complete the process. Please choose your preference. 



5. You'll then be prompted for the PIN that was sent to you via call or text message. Enter when prompted. 



6. You will know you have successfully completed the sign up process when you see your Rewards Member ID on the next screen. 



7. You can now begin clipping coupons. To begin, click on the "Coupons" section on the top of the Homepage. You'll be prompted to login with the same phone number you used to sign up. You will then be able to choose to have a new verification code sent to your phone as a text message, or the option of a phone call. 



8. Once you have entered the 4 digit verification code, you will be taken to the Coupons section, where you will be able to see the available coupons and any coupons you clip.



There is also a section on the top of the page entitled "View loyalty program" which explains how to earn points. 




Shoppable Coupons

Rosie has recently released Shoppable Coupons at select locations, which makes it easier for you the customer to earn extra deals and savings. 


1. You'll see a coupon badge on eligible products. The badge will display as "Coupon" and will change to a checked badge "Clipped" once you have done so. 

It is important to note that, much like using coupons inside a store, you must choose the product based on the exact specifications of the coupon, such as quantity, brand and size, in order to  receive the discounted price.

Some products may have more than one coupon badge that are available to be clipped.


By clicking on the coupon, you'll be shown the details of that particular coupon, along with any other products that are included in that promotion. 



2. Once you finish clipping your coupons and have added the corresponding items to your cart, it's time to check out. You will see a breakdown of the Loyalty Savings on the right side of the Checkout screen as shown below. 



You'll also have a "Store Savings" section at the very bottom of the Checkout screen where you can expand the section to show the details (and how much money you saved) of the clipped AppCard coupons that were applied to your order.



Earning Points & Rewards

AppCard is a points-based program, which means for every dollar you spend, you earn points. The more you spend, the more points you accrue. You can choose to redeem those earned points towards discounts on products you know and trust. Over time, AppCard will show you personalized coupons and rewards each time you log in. 

You will also notice personalized offers underneath your clipped coupons in the "Coupon" section as shown below.



Please note that Rosie does not have access to your AppCard Points balance. Please reach out directly to either the store or AppCard regarding your balance at


AppCard Issues

If you experience an issue with any of the clippable coupons, please reach out directly to and they can further assist you. 


Please note: Rosie hosts the coupons online, but AppCard supports any issues pertaining to the coupons themselves. 


If you have any other issue, you can always reach out to and we will be glad to help in any way we can.  


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