What If My Product Is Not In Stock?


Rosie strives to only display products that are in stock. However, it may occur that a product is out of stock at the time your order is picked by the store’s Local Grocery Professional. You may specify in advance if you’d like a substitute item if this occurs. This can be done as a default setting for all items you purchase, or you can set this preference for individual items.

To alter your default substitution settings, visit the My Preferences page. For individual products, you can click on the image of any product you want to purchase, and a window will appear. At the bottom of this window is the substitution indicator that displays two options:

Best Substitute: This tells the Local Grocery Professional to find the closest similar item to the one you’ve ordered.

No Substitute: This lets the Local Grocery Professional know that if the item is out of stock it is not to be replaced, and instead it will be canceled from your order.

Of course, you will not be billed for items removed from your order for being out of stock.

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    Mary Gollnisch

    I wish rosie would be more familar with products in Brookshire bros Store. Ham Hocks should not be a CAN'T FIND PRODUCT, SWEET POTATOES FROM PRODUCE SHOULD NOT BE HARD TO FIND...

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    Denise McCarthy


    Thank you for reaching out to Rosie and providing this feedback. To give an explanation, products that appear on a retailer's website are provided to Rosie by the store's point of sale provider. This product data comes over daily to include images or the product, descriptions, naming conventions, and pricing accordingly. It is up to the store to edit the data so that it is easily searchable on their site. If there is an item that appears as "can't find", this item may have a different product name associated with it other than what the consumer is searching for. We try to assist the stores and recommend that they readily update their product data and descriptions so that it is an easier, more seamless process when customers are shopping. 

    We will be more than happy to pass this feedback along to Brookshire so that improvements can be made to the product data on their site. We do thank you for this information. 

    Please let us know if there is any other way that we can be of assistance to you. 

    Best regards, 

    Denise McCarthy
    Head of Support 

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