How Does Pricing Work?


Though some item prices might be different than those in-store, our retailer partners work hard to provide the best value for online grocery shopping. Rosie honors all in-store specials and sale prices as instructed by participating retailers. Final online pricing is determined by the retailer you select. If you notice an item that you believe is priced incorrectly please email us at

In-Store Pickup

In-store pickup lets you buy items online and pick them up in a store.

Local Pickup

Local Pickup provides the convenience of delivery at a reduced cost by meeting customers at centrally located drop-off points in their community. Customers use this option to receive group deliveries or have their orders at small-format satellite locations with the full selection of the main store available via local pickup. Additionally, this enables Retailers to further engage customers in rural areas where delivery economics may be challenging. Local Pickup pricing may increase based on the cost per delivery of delivering to the local pickup destination.


Retailers deliver from their store to your door with pricing based on your distance from the local store you select. Final delivery pricing is determined by the retailer you select based on the cost to deliver in your area.


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    Sharon Carrell

    I want to join in order to get specials sales like today blue bell ice cream

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    Denise McCarthy


    Thank you for reaching out to Rosie! We would love for you to join. Here is a link to the Help Center article so that you can get started and join so you can start getting all of the great deals that are in store for you such as the Blue Bell ice cream that you are interested in.

    We look forward to bringing you aboard!

    Best regards, 

    Denise McCarthy

    Head of Support

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