When Rosie Charges Your Card


Your card is authorized during Checkout, but not charged until the day your order is received.



Due to possible variances in item weights and substituted products, your final order amount is not known until your order has been hand picked at the store.  To account for this your card is authorized, but not charged, during the Checkout process.  The authorized amount is equal to your estimated total, which is displayed in the Order Details section during Checkout (example below).  This appears as a pending transaction on your card's statement. The order amount will be placed on hold in your account.

When the store finishes preparing your order, these variable weights and substitutions are finalized, and your card will then be charged for the exact amount of products you receive this will be the initial hold that was placed. The final charge on your card will occur on the day that you are to pick up or receive your groceries, but the authorization will appear on your account on the day that you place your order. If the final total is greater than your estimated total, or the order difference of the order will appear as a second transaction on your statement. Note that some retail locations may automatically charge a second charge for age-restricted products or alcohol transactions. 

However, these transactions will be the sum of your total charges.

Transaction failures may occur if the monies have not been transferred to cover the amount of the order, or your card does not approve the secondary transaction. In some instances, an expired card will disallow the charges. 

If that does happen you may see a duplicated transaction, that is the amount of the initial hold and then the charge. The hold will be removed and the charge will be authorized and removed. 

All charges and returns on holds are subject to your financial institution's terms and conditions or return.

Rosie automates a final email that shows the sum of your order, that has been charged to your card, this email will be received at the close of the order by the retailer when they mark it ready.











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