Rosie Can Deliver to Your Dorm


Yes, many students choose to have their orders delivered directly to their dorm. 

Please put the street address of the dorm in the provided "Address 1" field and room number in the "Address 2" field. You may include any other details, such as the dorm hall name, in the Delivery Notes. 

Although some students have had their groceries delivered to the front desk, we do not recommend it. Many times there are perishable items that need to be refrigerated, and the front desk may not have a way of storing them. Please note, if you decide to have the groceries delivered to the front desk, please note that in your delivery notes. It will not be clear to the driver otherwise.

If you have coordinated someone else to receive your groceries, such as your roommate, you will need to give them your order's unique confirmation code. Once the groceries arrive, the driver will ask whomever is collecting the groceries for the code to ensure he/she is delivering them to the correct person.


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