Can I Change My Order From Pickup to Delivery or Delivery to Pickup?


Rosie does not currently support a feature that allows a customer to change their order type.

It is possible for the customer to request a change in order type by contacting the store where the order was placed.

If the store approves the order type change, the customer will the need to contact Rosie for confirmation. The decision to accommodate a customer's order type change request is entirely up to the retailer. 

If the retailer accepts the change and the customer confirms the change with Rosie, they will then be charged or refunded the difference.

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    barry vancamp

    will not go to select times for delivery

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    Haley Sammis

    Hello Barry! 

    Prior to moving to the second step of Checkout, "Step 2: "Schedule", you will need to verify the following information in Step 1: Select. 

    1. The Order Type is selected as Delivery. Once chosen, the entire Delivery box will highlight blue. 
    2. Add or select you desired delivery address. Similar to Order Type, the box with your address also needs to be highlighted blue. 

    Once those steps are completed, you should be able to move forward by selecting the red Continue button. 

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    Kathryn Mas

    Unable to cancel order. Or change it to delivery

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    Cathy B

    Hi Kathryn,


    At this time, we have no automated way to change the order.  But you can always call the store to see what they can do for you.  Many times, they are able to accommodate these requests.  Keep checking back though because we will be adding this functionality sometime in the future.


    Cathy & Team Rosie

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    Elayne Leidecker

    I order all my groceries online, but this website is extremely cumbersome and lacking in features.  All other websites I've used make it easy to change an order or to cancel an order.  This one does not.  Also, delivery charges are out of line.  Thank goodness the store is so accommodating when website problems occur.

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    Marcie G

    Hello Elayne, thank you for reaching out. We apologize if you had any issues using Rosie. We are working on a new feature where customers can add or modify an existing order before the cut off time. We understand that it can be frustrating, especially when you want to change your order, so we are hard at work to make that happen as soon as possible. In terms of the delivery charges, unfortunately, those are set either by the store if they're doing their own deliveries or by a third party, such as Postmates or Door Dash. 


    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced. In the future, please email so that we can answer any inquiries quickly and efficiently. Thank you for your patience. Have a great rest of your day, Elayne! 

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