Can I Change My Order From Pickup to Delivery or Delivery to Pickup?


Rosie does not currently support a feature that allows a customer to change their order type.


Delivery Order Switched to a Pickup Order


It is possible for the customer to request a change in order type for a Delivery to a Pickup by contacting the store where the order was placed.


The retailer can pull the order back from a delivery and have the order held in the store so that you may pick the order up.


The decision to accommodate a customer's order type change request is entirely up to the retailer. If the order is sent to a third-party delivery provider the retailer will have to contact Rosie so the third party can be canceled.


The retailer will have to refund any differences with the order being switched to a pickup.


Pick Up Order Switched to a Delivery Order


Some retailers do have the ability to switch orders in the system from pickup to delivery. Please phone your local retailer to find out if they can change the order over. 


The decision to accommodate a customer's order type change request is entirely up to the retailer and any new associated charges with switching the order will appear on your final emailed total as the retailer will have to add the charges to your order. 
If the retailer does not have the capability you may change your order by doing the following:


If you are a customer and have a current pick-up order that you wish to have switched to delivery, As long as the retailer has not started working on the order will appear in your view when you log in to your account. 


You may cancel the order and replace the order with a pickup order.


Once the order has been canceled, you may use the dropdown under your name and select the MY ORDERS tab.


Once you have selected the order that has been canceled, you may add it to your cart, and select delivery. Pick your date and time and checkout as a delivery.


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