Why Can't I Click the "Confirm Card" Button?


For stores that do not offer a Pay-At-Store option customers will need to add a form of payment (Rosie accepts all major credit and debit cards) during Step 4 of Checkout. To do so click the Add New button to open the Payment Input Window (seen below).

Rosie will not let customers add a card until all fields requested are valid and complete. If all fields haven't been completed the "Confirm Card" button will remain dull and un-clickable. If all of the correct info has been entered the "Confirm Card" button will become a bright blue. 

If all the information in the Payment Input Window hasn't been completed a red bar will appear under the information field that is invalid. This lets you know what information needs to be completed before your card can be added. 

Some common mistakes when entering a card are:

  • Not all information is entered into the info fields (Card Number, Expiration Month, Expiration Year, CVC code).
  • The formatting of the info entered is not correct (Expiration Year is not 4 digits, Did not enter CVC code or it is incorrect, Card Number is entered wrong)

More information about payment processing on Rosie can be found Here

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    Janet Jones

    How do I delete my credit card information. I checked remember my card and have changed my mind.

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