How to Create a Rosie Account


1. Go to  image2016-6-30 16:32:24.png
2. Welcome to the Rosie App customer website! To sign up for an account, click "Sign Up" in the upper center or upper right hand corner of the page.  image2016-6-30 16:42:47.png

3. This screen allows you to create an account. Input and confirm your email address.


*email address vs user name


image2016-7-1 12:37:58.png

4.  Input and confirm a password for your account. 


*password rules??

image2016-7-1 12:39:5.png
5. Click "Next".  image2016-6-30 17:8:17.png

6. Fill in the highlighted areas to help Rosie personalize the site for you as a shopper.

This information is anonymous, please see our privacy page at for additional information.  

image2016-6-30 17:16:58.png
7. Click "Next". image2016-6-30 17:22:49.png
8. Your page will refresh. Input your zip-code to find a Rosie store near you. image2016-7-1 9:35:22.png
9. Click "Find".  image2016-6-30 17:36:47.png
10. Your page will refresh. Choose the specific store you would like to shop at from the list of affiliated stores in your area.   image2016-7-1 9:41:4.png
11. A popup will appear. Click "Yes, Start Shopping". You can change your store at any time.  image2016-7-1 9:45:54.png

12. Congratulations on creating your Rosie account!

Click "Continue to Step 2" to proceed through a brief walk through of a few tips that we would like to share with you. 


Click "Skip Walkthrough" to start shopping right away. 


Thank you for choosing Rosie, we look forward to providing all of your grocery needs!

image2016-7-1 12:20:44.png
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