Cancel an Order


You can easily cancel your order by using the following steps:

1.) Click on the "My Account" icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select "My Orders" Screen_Shot_2020-12-07_at_4.45.32_PM.png

2.) Find your order and click "View all"





3.) A popup will appear that reads "Are you sure you want to cancel?". Click the "Yes, Cancel Order" button to confirm your cancellation.


You will receive an email to confirm that your order was cancelled and your card was not charged. The temporary hold on your card will be released by your bank or financial institution in 5-7 business days or less.

Please note: Your order cannot be cancelled after the last modification time because the store team has already started selecting your groceries. If you still wish to cancel your order, you may be charged a restocking fee equal to the sum of (A) 100% of the total dollar amount of your perishable items (since perishable items are custom-ordered from our Retailers and are fresh) plus (B) 25% of the total dollar amount of your nonperishable items.


Contact our Support Team at 1-855-767-4366   or




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