Where Is My Receipt?


Once you complete checkout, your price, or price per pound/ounce where applicable, is guaranteed unless you placed an order for an item where we have inadvertently listed the incorrect price. An order placed/estimated receipt will be emailed to you from rosie@rosieapp.com confirming your order has been placed (example email subject: "Rosie: I've sent your order #P10925-3").

Because our Retailers custom-cut, -select, and -order your perishables, the per item price you see in your shopping cart and the order placed/estimated receipt email for items we price by the pound/ounce is based on an estimated weight.

The final price of these items will be based on the same price per pound/ounce indicated upon completion of checkout, but the actual price is determined once our Retailers have prepared and weighed your order. The final price will appear on the final email receipt (example email subject: "Rosie: Your order P10925-3 is ready. Your confirmation code is: 4BXGZK") you receive at the time your order is ready for in-store pickup or delivery -- you always pay the true price for the actual weight of your products.

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    Never received any emails. Just a phone call this morning . Order was delivered but no receipt.

    chris patti

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    Lisa Graham

    I never received an email when it was ready for delivery - in fact the email I did receive once I'd completed my order online had the price of the total order, and then I got an additional charge presumably because some of the fruit weight was different.

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    Lorraine Craig

    Would like to see a final receipt.
    Didn’t receive two items. Was told not billed if no received. I would like to see receipt. Love the service. Everyone has been very helpful

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