Can I Pick Up My Order Early?


Yes! You can pickup your order at anytime after you receive your Order Ready email (example email subject: "Rosie: Your order P10925-3 is ready. Your confirmation code is: 4BXGZK"). This email is sent at the time your order is ready for in-store pickup or delivery.

Please call the store you placed your at order in advance to coordinate the time when you will stop by to pick up your order early.

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    Jamie Brinegar

    This is my first time to use the curbside & hoping all goes well!!!

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    Denise McCarthy


    Congratulations on your first pickup! We are sure things will go smoothly. Please do let us know how your experience was as we are always looking to hear good things from our wonderful customers such as yourself! Have a fabulous evening. 

    Denise McCarthy

    Head of Support

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