How Do I Add Items to a Placed Order?

You may modify orders before the Cutoff Time by contacting the store you placed your order at. To modify your order please:

  1. Call or email the store you placed your order with and ask to have items added to your order.
  2. Call or email Rosie Support at and ask to have items added to your order.
  3. Please provide the following information
    • First Name, Last Name
    • Your unique order number (example: P10925-4 or D10925-15)
    • Your unique confirmation code (example: CRD8T4)
    • The time your order was scheduled to be picked up or delivered.
    • The items that you would like to add or remove from your order. Please specify brand, product name, flavor, size and any other preferences (organic, gluten-free, etc.) to help the store hand-select your item.

Please note: It is not possible to modify orders after your order has been Marked Ready and you have received your final emailed receipt.

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    This is awfully time consuming.  When will a feature be added "add to order" by "time" ?

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    Jack Williams

    Called local store. They said I had to contact Rosie.

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    well you need an update big time!


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    Denise McCarthy


    Thank you for reaching out to Rosie to provide your feedback. We are always looking for ways to make improvements to our software so that you as customers have a more delightful experience and we welcome any and all requests that will enable us to do so. This is an enhancement that Rosie feels is also necessary for our customers and we are currently working to get this developed in the near future. We appreciate your patience while we work to make the site a better place to shop. Have a great day!

    Best regards, 

    Denise and Team Rosie

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