How Do I Add Items to a Placed Order?

You may modify orders before the Cutoff Time by contacting the store you placed your order at. To modify your order please:

  1. Call or email the store you placed your order with
  2. Please provide the following information
    • First Name, Last Name
    • Your unique order number (example: P10925-4 or D10925-15)
    • Your unique confirmation code (example: CRD8T4)
    • The time your order was scheduled to be picked up or delivered.
    • The items that you would like to add or remove from your order. Please specify brand, product name, flavor, size and any other preferences (organic, gluten-free, etc.) to help the store hand-select your item.

Please note: It is not possible to modify orders after your order has been Marked Ready and you have received your final emailed receipt.

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    This is awfully time consuming.  When will a feature be added "add to order" by "time" ?

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