How to do I send a gift of groceries?


Would you like to send a gift of groceries to a friend or family member? Rosie can help you do that! You are able to pick an order just as if you were picking it for yourself but the Checkout Process is slightly different when placing a gift order. 

During "Step 1: Select" and "Step 2: Schedule", additional contact information regarding the recipient will need to be entered. Then you can continue to review and place the order in a normal fashion. 

As the gift giver, you will receive an email alert once the Order has been placed and again when the Order has been received. The gift receiver will be alerted via email when the Order is Ready. If they have been given the choice to pick a date and time, they will also be sent an email stating that the Order has been placed and asking them to sign in and choose their desired time slot


How to Send a Gift of Groceries 

1. During Step 1, there will be a prompt asking if you would like to make this order a gift. If yes, please confirm your decision by clicking "Yes, this order is a gift." image2016-8-5 10:39:49.png

2. Your selection will be highlighted in blue. 


Input your own contact information into the "How Can We Reach You?" field to allow the store team to contact you if they have any questions or concerns in regards to your order. 

image2016-8-5 10:39:43.png
3. Scroll to the next section and identify who is receiving the gift by entering the recipient's contact information into the corresponding information fields.  image2016-8-5 10:39:32.png

4. Next, enter the address for where you want the gift delivered into the "Where should we deliver this order?" field. 

If your gift order is for Pickup, skip to Step 8.

image2016-8-5 10:39:36.png

5. When all of the necessary address information has been filled in, the "Save Address" button will be highlighted in blue. 


Click this button to save the address. 

image2016-8-5 10:38:17.png

6. Your page will refresh. 


You can choose to use the Original Address you have supplied or the suggested address from Rosie. We urge you to click "Use This Address" to the right of the Suggested Address to ensure greater accuracy for the delivery driver. 

image2016-8-5 10:38:9.png
7. If you wish to add a note to your order i.e. "Please go to the side door", type it into the "Delivery notes" field. This is optional. image2016-8-5 10:38:23.png

8. You can choose a card to accompany your gift. To choose a card, simply click on the card of your choice. 


image2016-8-5 10:39:8.png

9. You can write a message with your gift. 


To add a special message, type your note into the "Message" field. 

image2016-8-5 10:38:30.png
10. Once all of the required information has been filled in, click the red "Continue" button in the upper right hand corner of the page.  image2016-8-5 10:37:47.png

11. You will be brought to Step 2: Schedule within the Checkout Process. 


If you would like the recipient to schedule the gift themselves, proceed to Step 13. This means that the recipient must either sign up for a Rosie account or already have an existing account. 


If you would like to schedule the gift for the recipient, click on the "Yes, I would like to decide date and time." box in the "Would you like to schedule this gift?" field. 

 image2016-8-5 10:38:53.png

12. Your page will refresh to display the available time slots for your Order Type. 


Click on the time slot that you would like to schedule the gift for. 

 image2016-8-5 10:38:40.png
 13. Click on the "Review Order" button in the upper right hand corner of the page to continue through the remainder of the Checkout Process as usual.   image2016-8-5 10:52:38.png











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