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You can use Rosie to send the gift of groceries to friends and family! To send a Rosie gift order:

  • Select a store in your recipient's area and fill your cart. 
  • Choose "Yes this is a gift" under "Is this a gift?" during Step 1 of Checkout. 
  • Enter the recipient's name and address (if the order is for delivery), select an e-card, and write a personalized note to the gift recipient to accompany the gift order. 
  • Click "continue" to select a time for the gift order to be delivered/picked up, or let your recipient choose a time to receive the order. Please note, if you do not schedule the gift order at this time, your recipient will need to create a Rosie account to schedule the order. 

Once you have confirmed your scheduling preferences, you are ready to review and complete your order. You will receive an email receipt and your gift recipient will also be sent an email with the order details. If you have selected for your recipient to choose the time to receive their items, the email they receive will include instructions for scheduling their gift order. Happy gifting! 


How to Send a Gift of Groceries 

1. During Step 1, there will be a prompt asking if you would like to make this order a gift. If yes, please confirm your decision by clicking "Order is a gift."

2. Your selection will be highlighted. Input your own contact information into the "How Can We Reach You?" field to allow the store team to contact you if they have any questions or concerns in regards to your order. 

3. Scroll to the next section and identify who is receiving the gift by entering the recipient's contact information into the corresponding information fields. 

4. Include an e-card and special message if you would like. Click continue.

5. Select "Let the recipient schedule" or "I will schedule." 

***If you chose the option for the recipient to schedule the time, they will be notified, you do not have to do this at this point. This means that the recipient must either sign up for a Rosie account or already have an existing account. Select "Continue."

***If you chose the option to schedule the time, the date and time drop-downs will appear. 

6. You will now be able to review the order and this is the last time that you can make additions or deletions to the order. 

***Make sure to add any promotion codes at this point.

7. You will see the order review which includes your recipient and their email address. You will also see the time you selected for pickup or delivery. Your order sub-total and total will be found at this step. Select "Enter Payment."

8. You can choose to add or delete a card. Select "Complete Order".


9. Once the order is complete you will get an email notfication stating the order was successful. The gift recipient will also get an email which will have instructions as to how they can schedule the delivery or pickup.



Contact our Support Team at 1-855-767-4366   or .








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