Returns and Refunds Policy

Your local grocer takes pride in the high quality of their fresh food and packaged goods. That's why they guarantee your satisfaction with every product, every time. If you are dissatisfied with any item in your order, please contact your local grocer right away — the store will either replace it with an acceptable item, refund 100% of the cost for that item, or provide an alternative solution. 


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    Susan Boland

    Recently, on my March 15th order, I ordered 3 1/2 pounds of king crab legs.  I have ordered them before that order and the king crab legs were delicious and wonderful.  I just cooked them for guests I invited for dinner.  The legs, unfortunately were very mushy.  I was kind of embarrassed because of that, although my friends were quite nice about it.  Is there any way I can be reimbursed for them, or get a duplicate order for no charge?  I do have to tell you that Dash's delivery is very convenient and reliable and I never had  a problem with any groceries.  I do plan to use this service again, as I have placed another order today.  Can you help me out with this issue?  My name is Susan Boland and my e-mail address is along with my telephone number as follows: 716-906-3699.

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    Haley Sammis

    Good Morning Susan, 

    Thank you for letting us know about your recent experience. I will reach out to the Dash's Delivers team, share your concerns and have a member of their management team follow up with you as soon as possible to resolve the situation. 

    We appreciate your business and we will make sure this is made right for you. 


    Haley & the Rosie Team

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    James Keech

    complaints about my order of 3/9/18:GK4U3G--

    bag of Youkon Gold potatoes: not included

    2 lbs corned beef--a round was ordered but sliced beef was delivered

    Splenda, 50 count--2 packets were ordered,  granulated boxes were delivered

    english muffins--ad said buy 1, get one fee.  We ordered 2, but received no free muffins despite included note that requested free muffins specifically

    We have notified store & expect phone call3/11/18 after noon to remedy errors.

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