Setting Up a Tax Exempt Account


This will help you to set up Tax Exempt status if you are a customer or organization that qualifies.  Follow the below steps to apply:

  • The Tax Exempt Entity ('entity') must first create an account on Rosie and select a store.
  • The entity then must provide a copy of their Tax Exempt Certificate to the store they selected (mail, in-person, fax).
  • Rosie will confirm if the State requires further required documentation.
  • The entity should then contact Rosie (, let us know they intend to use Rosie, confirm they are Tax Exempt, and confirm that their certificate is with the store.
  • Rosie's Finance team will give the entity's account Tax Exempt status.
  • In order for Finance to set up the Tax Exemption, these are the key things that are required:
     - Business Name or School/District Name
     - Seller/Store where they will be making purchases if multiple they must list all
     - Tax Exempt number and one of the boxes checked

Note: We suggest that tax-exempt organizations create an account on Rosie with an email that is not an individual specific person. For example: This will allow for multiple people from within the entity to use the service for their large orders.


Contact our Support Team at 1-855-767-4366  or

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