Rosie: Key Features (Video Tutorials)


Welcome to Rosie! This is where all the magic happens. One site to completely change the way you shop for groceries and organize your life. We’re excited to get you started so you can start seeing the benefits! We’re going to quickly run you through the Rosie Dashboard, by giving you insight on cool features like Favorites and Recommended items and then we’ll take you more in depth on the whole site and what you can explore to make your shopping experience 10x better. Let’s begin!

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Features covered:

- Search
- Can't Find it?
- Your Favorite Items
- Your Recommended Items
- Product Window 
- MyList
- MyOrders
- Shopping Cart
- Change Stores

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    Ann Lamers

    I see no option for delivery only pickup =. I would like delivery please and was told it is on the website, where might it be//.  Have my list picked out, but haven’t been able to find delivery as an option to select.    Thanks for a prompt response.    Annie

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