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Rosie has integrated with Postmates to provide delivery services to our retailers across the US.
For background, Postmates currently provides delivery services to several national/regional grocers including Walmart's Online Grocery Shopping program as well as many leading restaurants and retailers including Apple, Starbucks, and Chipotle.

What To Expect 

Here are just a few things you may need to know about Rosie Delivery Powered by Postmates.


You can still select the time and date of your delivery from the available slots. This gives you the flexibility to plan your day without worrying about missing the drop-off or having to wait around for the driver to arrive.


While your quoted delivery fee may vary slightly, Postmates calculates delivery fees based on distance. This means you can rely on the delivery price you've been given at checkout.


Tipping isn't required but it is appreciated! You can leave a tip for the delivery driver during checkout. 100% of the tip you authorize is passed to Postmates.

Order Changes

Due to Postmates functionality, orders cannot be moved from one timeslot to another. If you have already placed your order and need to change the slot, the order will have to be canceled and placed again. Please contact if you need assistance moving/canceling orders.


Your order can be canceled before the cutoff time without incurring a fee. In the event of an order canceled before the Postmate arrives at the store, your delivery fee paid will be refunded. If you need to cancel an order after it has left the store, there is a $5 charge plus any cancellation fees assessed by the store.

Receiving Deliveries from Postmates

After picking up your order from the store, the Postmate will send you a text to let you know they're on their way! You will also receive a text to let you know when they've arrived. Drivers may also contact you by phone if no one answers the door when they arrive.

Bad Weather

Postmates makes deliveries rain or shine! In the event of severe weather, there may be some interruption in service to protect the safety of Postmates drivers.


If there are delays due to traffic or weather, your Postmate may reach out to let you know. In the event that your delivery arrives more than 30 minutes past the expected time, please contact for a refund of your delivery fee.


For information on refunds, please see our Returns and Refunds Policy

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