New Shop For Customers


Rosie is extremely excited to unveil our new Shop - a refreshed and reimagined version of Rosie’s customer shopping page, built to be the easiest, fastest, most dynamic, and most beautiful version of Rosie to date. 

Why the new Shop?

Rosie’s mission is to be the most trusted, locally-focused ecommerce company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online from local stores.


Part of fulfilling that mission is to make sure customers have the best possible experience when shopping at their favorite local grocers. 


To that end, we've scrapped the old site and built our new Shop on the latest tech to give shoppers the best experience possible. 

General Changes:


Marketing Panels

The first thing you might notice when checking out the new Shop is the addition of some panels at the top of the page. These panels are designed by the retailer and may feature a button that, when clicked, brings you to selection of products the your local retailer has chosen to highlight.


Make sure to come back regularly to check out what new product segments and Panels your retailer has set up for your perusal. 


Dynamic Front Page Content

The main page of the Shop has been redesigned to be more beautiful, engaging, and dynamic through the combination of Marketing Panels and algorithmically-generated customer recommendations.


The Sales section contains sale items that your store has chosen to feature, ranked in order of popularity. 




Coming soon is a Most Popular section, which will show you the most frequently-purchased items by you and your fellow shoppers. 


Enhanced Navigation


Gone is the Department list on the left-hand side of the Shop. We’ve replaced this navigation menu with a Store Departments dropdown to save space and make finding products faster and easier. Simply mouse over the Shop Departments button to reveal the dropdown menu. 




Once you get to your desired Department, you can browse a specific Subdepartment by scrolling down, clicking one of the Subdepartments at the top, or clicking the ellipsis button to open a menu of all Subdepartments.





The Can’t Find It button will no longer appear at the end of search results. Instead, it will show when a your search does not retrieve any products.


Additionally, the search results are no longer divided into pages - with our new Shop, we support infinite scroll. 


Consolidated User Menus

The Lists and My Orders sections have been moved from the top menu bar to the User Account Menu accessed by clicking the "Hey" button in the top righthand corner of the page. 



Adding and Removing Items from Lists

Adding and removing items from lists & favorites is easier than ever. Just click the heart icon on the product image and select which lists you'd like to add the item to.


To remove items from a list, navigate to the Lists section in your User Account Menu, open the desired list, click on the heart button, and deselect the item from your list. 




Adjusting Item Quantities in the Cart

Adding or removing items while within the cart works the same way it did previously, though there are some minor differences in how item quantity adjustments work in the cart. Customers will click on an item in their cart to open the Product Detail View (PDV) and adjust the quantity there instead of altering the quantity directly in the cart.


Mobile-Specific Changes

Swipe-able Marketing Panels

The Panels will still be present and front and center on the Mobile site and app, but we've condensed them into swipe-able carousels at the top and bottom of the page.


Faster,  Easier, Dropdown Navigation

Mobile navigation functions similarly to Desktop with the Departments menu, though the dropdown will also contain collections like your Weekly Ad, Sales, and Most Popular (coming soon). These are present on the top menu bar in the desktop version of the Shop.



Adding Items to the Cart

In efforts to streamline the UI of the mobile app, we've changed up some functionality. Instead of customers clicking on the right-hand side of a product in mobile to add the product to the cart, customers will click anywhere on the product to bring up the Detail View from where they can add the product to the cart.



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