Credit Card Fraud Procedure


If you suspect there has been fraudulent activity on your credit or debit card, please follow the steps below. Rosie will work in conjunction with consumer card protection services in any way we can.

1. Contact your credit card company immediately

Major credit card issuers have policies designed to deal with unauthorized charges made with your credit or debit card and account information. 

2. Check your credit card accounts and change your passwords

After you call your credit card company, make sure you check all of your other credit card accounts to see if they’ve also been compromised.

It’s important to note that even though only one card may have suspicious activity, it's not always clear exactly how someone got access to your account. Passwords and PIN numbers for all of your accounts should be changed immediately. 

3. Notify the credit bureaus and call the police if necessary

Filing a police report is especially crucial if you see a pattern of fraudulent charges in the days following the first signs of suspicious activity. Sometimes credit card fraud can happen all at once, and other times it might be days or weeks apart.

4. Monitor your statements and credit reports

After the first signs of credit card fraud, you’ll want to keep monitoring your credit card statements for a few months. Fraudulent charges can appear on your card statements months after your card information is stolen.

5. Check your online shopping accounts

Remove the compromised card (as well as any other stored cards) in case your online shopping account is no longer secure, and change those passwords as well.

Rosie does not have access to your saved credit card information. 

If you need additional assistance, please contact 




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