Promo Code Not Working


Sometimes retailers will offer promo codes to their customers, which are short codes customers can enter during checkout for additional savings on their order. If your promo code isn't being applied correctly, please check these tips below: 

  • Check that you are entering a promo code that works for that particular store. A promo code from one store will not work at a different store. 


  • Some promotional codes require that your shopping cart reaches a minimum amount. For example, some promos will only work on orders over $50. 


  • Promo codes will not work on orders containing alcohol. 


  • Some promo codes can be specifically for pick up or delivery orders or both.


  • Promo codes have a limited number of uses. If you use a one-time code on an order, you cannot use it on a second order (even if the order has been cancelled). 


If you are still experiencing an issue entering a valid promo code, please email and our Support Team will look into the issue for you. 


Contact our Support Team at 1-855-767-4366  or .


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