Picking Up My Order From the Store


Once you successfully place an order on Rosie, you will receive a confirmation email with your scheduled pick up time, along with a phone number that you can call or text once you arrive at the store. 

Once you have arrived at your designated retailer pickup area, please follow the instructions outlined in your confirmation email, and they will bring out your order as soon as possible.

The store associate may as for your confirmation number, so please have that handy at the time of your pick up. 



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    Marcie G

    Hello Natasha, 

    Thanks for reaching out. Your confirmation email should have instructions about what to do when you're order is ready for pickup. We suggest calling the store if you're looking to pick up your orde early. 

    In the future, please contact support@rosieapp.com. One of our agents will get back to you in a more timely manner with any questions you have. Thank you. 



    Marcie & Team Rosie 

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    teri blevins

    time pickup 2pm.. no delivery

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    Natasha McDaniel

    I'm confused. I got the email with my number and confirming my date and time, but there is no number listed??? If I arrive at 6pm, am I supposed to just call the store?

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