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 Using AppCard Rewards


Rosie is excited to announce that we now offer AppCard Loyalty discounts for customers! AppCard offers personalized discounts for preferred customers on Rosie. 


How Do I Sign Up?


Signing up for AppCard Loyalty is as easy as entering your phone number. 



  • IMPORTANT: Before you can begin clipping coupons, and earning points and savings, you must complete the following steps:


  • On the Homepage, hover over the grey person icon and click “Rewards”. 



  • You will then be prompted to enter your phone number by clicking “Add Rewards Card”. (You can also sign up for AppCard from this screen as well.)


(You can choose to have a verification code sent via text message or phone call. Choose whichever option works best for you.)


  • Enter the verification code and click “Save”. You will see this screen confirming that you are now signed up for AppCard Loyalty discounts and points. one2.png
  • Going back to the Homepage, you will see “Coupons” on top.



  • Enter your mobile number and click “Send a verification code”.


  • Once you enter the 4 digit code, a new window will pop up, asking for you to fill in the required fields with your information.



  • Once this section is complete and you click Submit, you are ready to move on! 


  • You can now click on “Coupons” on the Homepage to begin earning points and receive loyalty pricing!



  • Clicking a coupon to enlarge it will show you the details of the coupon, such as the discount savings, the expiration date, and the product details and description.



It is important to note that, much like using coupons inside a store, you must choose the product based on the exact specifications of the coupon, such as quantity, brand and size, in order to receive the discounted price.


  • Click the “Clip this coupon!” to add it to your rewards, where you can see your clipped coupons by scrolling down the page. 


  • You will also notice personalized offers for you in the same area as your clipped coupons.


  • Once you have clipped your coupons, search for your items as you normally would, making sure to add the exact items that match your coupons.


  • When you are done shopping, go to Checkout.


  • You will be prompted to enter your phone number during checkout. Please use the same number you used when signing up for AppCard. This ensures that you receive the personalized digital coupons and so you can begin earning points which can be used for discounts.


  • You will see the savings listed under the Order Summary. one8.png
  • Under the “You Saved:” text in green, you will see a reflection of the weekly sales prices and the AppCard Loyalty savings combined. This will also be reflected in the confirmation email you receive once your order has been successfully placed.

(If you are not seeing the savings during Checkout, please make sure that your AppCard Loyalty phone number has been entered in the Rewards section on the top right of the Homepage. Also, ensure that it is the same number you used with Coupons sign-up.)





How Do I Earn Points?


AppCard is a points-based program, which means for every dollar you spend, you earn points. The more you spend, the more points you accrue. You can choose to redeem those earned points towards discounts on products you know and trust. Over time, AppCard will show you personalized coupons and rewards each time you log in. These coupons and special redemption credits can be found by clicking “Coupons” on the Homepage. 

How Do I Check My Points?


Rosie does not have access to check your Points balance. We suggest contacting the store that is associated with your AppCard Loyalty Account, as they will have that information on file. 

How Do I Cancel My AppCard Loyalty?

If you wish to cancel your account or request that we no longer use your information to provide you the Services, please contact AppCard at

Contact our Support Team at 1-855-767-4366  7 days a week, 10:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. EST or



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