One-Click Checkout



With Rosie’s new and easy checkout process, repeat shoppers can complete checkout in a click, and new shoppers can go from adding items to the cart to completing their transactions in seconds. Below is a quick guide for Rosie shoppers in navigating the new checkout process.


One-Click Checkout

Rosie now offers a One-Click Checkout option for returning shoppers who have saved their information from previous orders, such as address, payment information, and pickup/delivery location.


When returning to the checkout screen for your next order, all of your information should be pre-filled and completing the checkout will require only one click -- on the Complete button.



Step-by-Step Guide

1. Navigating to Checkout

a. Once you’ve added all your items to the cart and you're ready to check out, click on the Cart icon in the top-right corner of the shopping page. The Cart panel will open.

b. Click the Checkout button at the bottom of the panel. You will be navigated to the Checkout page.


2. Order Type

a. In this section of checkout, you’ll select your order type. If the menu is “collapsed”, just click the arrow on the right hand side of the ORDER bar to reveal the available order types.

b. The available methods of obtaining your order will be displayed, up to and including Delivery, Pickup, or Local Pickup. By default, the most recent method you've used, if any, will already be selected. If you desire to use a different method, select the one you wish.




c. If you select Delivery, please make sure the address fields are filled out with your correct information. If you have saved an address previously, it will automatically be selected here. If not, once an address is entered, Rosie will verify it, and may provide a suggested address, if applicable. We recommend that you accept the suggested address in most cases.

d. Click the Save button to proceed.



Pickup/Local Pickup

e. If you select Pickup, no further steps are required in the ORDER panel.

f. If you select Local Pickup, the available locations options will be displayed. Please select the location that best serves you, and then click Save to proceed to the next step.


4. Time

a. Click the TIME panel. This will open a menu that allows you to select which time you’d like to pick up your order or have it delivered.

b. From the Day and Time fields, select whichever available delivery or pickup time you'd like. By default, the next available time slot will be selected.

c. Click the Save button.




5. Contact

a. This step is not required for Delivery orders.

b. Click the CONTACT panel to open it.

c. Provide a phone number in case the retailer needs to contact you about your order.

d. Click the Save button to proceed.




6. Payment

a. Click the PAYMENT panel. This opens a menu where you can enter card information or select a previously added card.

b. Enter your card information and zip code or select a previously added card.

c. If you don't want your payment information to be saved for future orders, untick the Remember my card information box.

d. Click the Save button to proceed with the current order.




7. Delivery Tip

a. This step is not required for Pickup or Local Pickup orders.

b. If delivery tipping is enabled for your retailer, the DELIVERY TIP panel will be present. Click the panel to open it.

c. Here you can select a pre-calculated tip amount or specify a custom amount. It is set to a custom tip of $0 by default.

d. Click the Save button to proceed.




8. Cart

a. You can view your items under the CART panel, allowing you to make any last-minute edits before completing your order.

b. To make changes, click the Edit or Remove buttons beside the item(s) you wish to alter. If you

c. You can click on the CART panel again to collapse it.



  • Note: If you select a pickup or delivery time that is beyond the duration of an item's sale price, you will see a notification at the top of the Cart panel and a ! icon beside each affected item.



9. Gift Orders

a. Click on the ORDER IS A GIFT? panel to open it.

b. If you are ordering on behalf of another person, select Yes. Doing so reveals the following fields:

  • Recipient Name
  • Recipient Email
  • Recipient Phone Number
  • Gift Message

c. Fill the fields out accordingly.

d. Click the Save button to proceed.




10. Complete Order

a. With all your information saved, look at the OVERVIEW panel to confirm that the number of items and the grand total look correct.

b. Enter any promo codes you have in the Add promo code field and then click the APPLY button. The Overview panel will update to reflect the promo code's savings.

c. Finally, click the Complete order button. This will complete your order, and you will receive an email confirmation.




d. Depending on the store you are shopping at, you may be asked to input your card's CVV/CCV security code as an additional security measure after clicking Complete order. All you need to do here is enter the three- to four-digit code on the back of the credit/debit card you're using for the order and click Save.



Note: If your order contains alcohol, there will be an additional checkbox that must be ticked before you complete your order.




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