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Welcome to Rosie! We are excited to share with you the basic ins and outs of shopping on our Rosie platform. Whether you are a new customer or just need a quick refresher, we have created some easy, step-by-step videos to get you ready to shop for the brands your family knows and trusts at your local neighborhood grocery stores. We have created video tutorials showcasing some of Rosie’s awesome features, like Recommended Items and Favorites. So, when you’re ready to explore all the cool things Rosie has to offer, check out our video guides below: 




Login & Forgot Password?

Visit Rosie and login using the same email address when you signed up. If you forget your password, click on the "Forgot Password? Send Link" on the login screen. This will send an email with a password reset link. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder and block list, as Rosie emails can sometimes end up there. If you are still experiencing an issue, please contact our Support Team at and one of our agents will be glad to assist you. 




Search Function

There are two ways to search for products on Rosie. One way is to search in the individual departments, located at the top of the Homepage. The second way to search for items on Rosie is to utilize the search bar located on the top of the Homepage. Here is a quick video below explaining the search process




Can't Find It?

If a particular product is unavailable, you can request it using Rosie's "Can't Find It?" function, located on the top right corner on the website. You can request a specific item and if it is in stock, the store will include it with your order. Check out this function in action in the video below:


For a more in-depth article, please visit:

Can't Find It?




My Favorites

Clicking on the heart icon on a product will allow you to save that product to your favorites, which is located on the top right menu on the Homepage under "My Favorites". Please refer to the video below: 



For a more in-depth article please visit:

My Favorites




Recommended Items

Recommended Items on Rosie are individual items shown to the customer that reflect their interests and tastes. These are set by Rosie so that the customer can see additional items similar to items they have purchased in the past. 




Product Windows

Product Windows pop up large on the screen when a product is clicked by the customer. It shows pictures of the item, along with the price and a brief description. It also shows the customer the option of substituting if that particular product is not in stock. 





My Lists

You can personalize your shopping lists on Rosie quickly and easily! Add and remove items, create multiple lists, and add entire lists to your Shopping Cart with the click on a button. Learn how to make the most of Your Lists by visiting our video guide below:


For a more in-depth article please visit:

My Lists




Change Stores

If you accidentally find yourself on a store's page and would like to switch to a different store, we show you how in the video tutorial linked below: 



For a more in-depth article please visit:

Switch Stores



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  • 0
    Juris Stevens

    Adding to order after checkout, how to?




  • 0
    Marcie G

    Good aternoon, Juris!

    If you'd like to add to your existing order, please contact the store directly as soon as possible so that they can modify your order before the cut off time. 

    Rosie is working on a feature that will allow customers to add to their order once it has been placed, so please stay tuned! 

    Take care!

    Team Rosie

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