Shopping Rosie with SNAP/EBT Benefits


Enabling SNAP benefits for your account

To enable SNAP benefits on your account, take the following steps:

1. Go to and log in with your email address and password.


2. On the shopping page, click on your name or on the user icon to open the menu.

3. From the menu, click on Preferences.




4. Under Item Preferences, tick the box next to SNAP Benefits and then click Save.




Your SNAP benefits are now enabled and you can begin shopping.


Shopping with SNAP

Now that your SNAP benefits are enabled on your account, SNAP badges will appear on eligible products, as seen below:




You can add both SNAP and non-SNAP items alike to your cart by clicking the Add to cart button beneath each item’s picture, or in the details box you can summon by clicking on the item’s picture.




Once your cart is full, please proceed to the next section: Checking out with SNAP.


Checking out with SNAP

1. Now that you’ve enabled SNAP benefits on your account and filled up your cart, it’s time to check out. Start the checkout process by clicking on the cart icon to open the cart panel.




2. Click the Checkout button to proceed to the checkout screen.




3. Fill out all of the checkout panels, referring to this Checkout Guide for a general walkthrough.


4. In the Payment panel, enter your credit / debit card information, and tick the Pay with SNAP box, and then click the Save button.




5. A separate Pay with SNAP panel will appear. Click on the panel to expand it.


6. In the Card number field, enter your 16- to 19 digit SNAP card number and then click Save.




7. You should then see details related to your current SNAP order:

  • The last four digits of your SNAP card number
  • The subtotal of all the SNAP-eligible items added to your order
  • Your available SNAP balance (click Retrieve to populate this line).



8. In the Amount field, you can set a custom amount to limit how much of your SNAP balance is used to pay for SNAP items. Any remaining balance on the order will be charged to the credit / debit card provided in the Payment panel.


9. After setting a custom amount (optional), click the Save button.


10. You can also remove your SNAP card information by clicking the Delete SNAP card button.


11. You can also individually select and de-select items to be paid with SNAP by clicking the check box next to the SNAP-paid items.




12. Once you have filled out all of the required information for checkout, click the Complete Order button.




13. A box will appear asking for your four-digit SNAP PIN. Enter the PIN and click the Submit button. Note that for each number you press, the numbers on the pinpad keys are rearranged. This is a security measure designed to help keep your PIN safe.




14. Once you have entered your PIN correctly, your order will be complete. You should see the Order Successful! screen and an order summary, complete with how much of your SNAP balance you spent on the order. Congratulations on placing your SNAP order!





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