Using a Promo Code on your SNAP Order


You can apply promo codes to your online SNAP order. 


Promotion codes will be applied to the credit/debit-paid portion of the order first, and then if the value of the promotion exceeds the amount paid with credit/debit, the promotion will affect the SNAP-paid portion of the order.


When we apply the promotion to SNAP-paid items, we apply them to the most expensive items first and go down the list until the promotion value is expunged.


In the case of a refund or cancellation, it’s worth noting that only the SNAP benefits that are actually spent will be refunded to a customer’s SNAP card.


For example, if you apply a promotion code to an order and $2 of a $5 steak is paid via the promotion and the other $3 are paid with SNAP, only $3 will be returned to the SNAP card.



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