SNAP Checkout Issues


As you're checking out for SNAP goods, you may encounter an issue in checkout. Below is a table explaining each error message and next steps. 



Error Message

User Step to Take

Transaction denied by Issuer or Transaction not permitted to Cardholder.

Contact the card issuer. There may be an issue with your SNAP/EBT card or account.

Refund request function is not active for transactions over 90 days.

Refunds are not permitted after 90 days per regulations. 

Payment authorization failed.

Please contact your credit/debit card issuer or try again. There is an issue with your credit or debit card that needs resolution. 

PIN entered incorrectly.

Please try entering your PIN again. Note that your card issuer may lock your card if the PIN is incorrectly entered too many times. 

Oh no, something went wrong.

Please try again or refresh.

Lost/Stolen Card

Contact the card issuer.

Issuer Decline (Fraud)

Contact the card issuer.

Invalid card number.

Please re-enter the card number.

Insufficient SNAP funds. Current SNAP balance is [$xx.xx]. 

Please reduce SNAP payment amount to proceed. Y

Card is locked due to number of PIN tries being exceeded.

Please try again later or contact the card issuer. Your card issuer will have further information on how to unlock your card. 


An error occurred retrieving the PIN pad.

Please try again. Refresh the page. 

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