this is the second time I have used Rosie.  The first experience was wonderful.  When I used this for Saturday pick up, I was so disappointed.  I had ordered Italian Sausage.  They called making sure if I wanted ground or links, when I told her ground, she stated I had ordered links (it did not specify on the website).  But that she had ground for $2.99 a pound.  I stated this was fine.  But when I went to pick my order up, I found out I was charged $4.19 a pound.  She said since she had already called me once, she wasn't going to call again.  $1.20 may not be a big difference to some people, but it is when you order numerous pounds.  And then to get it home for cooking that day and find out that it is frozen solid.  I will not use this again.  I will use Wal-mart, where if they give you a substitution, they honor the price that you would have been charged.  And it is a better brand.  


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